Taking Care of Me

I’m amazed sometimes that it took me 30 years, a marriage, having two children and health issues before I learned how to take better care of myself.

One of my primary responsibilities is to take care of other people. The taking care part includes from feeding to picking the right book for them. And yet I wasn’t doing a very good job of taking care of myself. I had a list for everyone to run their lives perfectly but my own list was nowhere to be found. I felt tired physically and mentally with a never ending to do list that almost led to resentment.

So I decided to do it right for me. I created a list for myself to feel healthy, content and fulfilled. Eat well on time topped the list.

Eat well, on time

The plan is to eat mostly whole, unprocessed foods. I am at my best when I’m well nourished eating well allows me to accomplish a lot throughout the day. Here is what I do to eat well on time-


I try to eat every 4 hours to keep my blood sugar level steady. A well fed body provides the mental energy that’s needed to take care of myself and others.

  1. I cook 3-4 times a week and double the recipe so I always have good meals ready in the fridge and the freezer.
  2. My fridge is stocked with fruits, vegetables, dried fruits, nuts, milk, cheese and yogurt.
  3. The pantry stores snacks like cookies, granola and chips.

I am a much happier and calmer person after following through this plan. My mood swings are gone, I don’t feel dizzy anymore and feel really great.




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