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Why Do We Keep Clutter?

I wanted a comfortable and welcoming home. My dream home would be a peaceful place with uncluttered surfaces surrounded by my favorite things that I-

a) use regularly

b) keep for beauty .

I needed to sort through the extra stuff that sneaked in and threatened to take over my home. The extra items include –

Things I keep for “what if I need it” situations.

Things that I paid good money for it and it really has no purpose in my life.

Things that I bought because of its cheapness, sometimes few of the same thing.

Things that I have attached an emotional value to it.

Sometimes cleaning out clutter is easier said than done, and there’s no shortage of reasons  to leave clutter the way it is. Here are a few reasons for not doing it.

It would be a waste to throw it away.

I will come up with a way to use it someday.

It was so special to me, once.

It was a baby item.

My child/mom/sister made it.

It’s not only my clutter. Why do I have to do it?

A family member gave it to me.

I will do it all when I have the time.

I can’t do it, I’m too tired.

I will do it when I feel like it.

It’s too much work to sell it.

keeping it with me is sort of like getting some use out if it.

I’m used to this clutter, it really is not that a big a deal.


Which one/s resonate with you?






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