Food Storage Solution


I really like storing food in glass jars and containers. I get to reuse my jars and containers and love the way they look. I prefer to shop from bulk bins to avoid using plastic and these are my go to solutions for storing food-

Reusing jars and containers– I mostly use big jars and I get them we buy pickles or coffee. The jar on the far right that has raisins in it comes from a jar that used to hold pickles.

I use the small ones to keep spices and the big ones to hold lentils, cookies etc.

Glass container for bulk food storage– We use a lot of rice and flour and I finally found two glass containers that I love to use for storing both. These containers are by Anchor Hawkins and I’m pleased with the quality and the price. I use Anchor Hawkins 1 gallon Heritage Hill jars. You can find them in Amazon and target.

Pyrex glass containers– I use these to store left overs and pack lunch for my family. It comes with a plastic lid but we have been using ours for almost 5 years to pack lunch for 5 days on every week. They come in an array of sizes which makes storing food really simple.

It makes me feel better to open the kitchen cabinet and see the jars neatly lined up on the shelf. It makes food shopping easier since you can see right through them and add to your grocery list when something is running low.




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