Organizing the Spice Cabinet


Not too long ago, a variety of spices used to clutter my kitchen shelves and drawers. I kept adding more spices thinking what if I wanted to make a certain dish and didn’t have it on hand! I had everything from Cream of Tartar to Saffron, yes, the real kind, in my spice cabinet.

As life became busier I found myself with less time to make exotic dishes and preffered to stick to mostly family favorites. I rarely used the myriad of spices so they spent most of their time on the back of the shelf, slowing losing their charm and use. So my spice cabinet got a serious clean out. I got rid of all the expired spices that lost its fragrance and color.

I take on a minimalist approach to spices these days. I only buy a number of spices that I know I will use regularly. I buy them in small quantity, mostly from bulk bins and replenish them as needed. If a recipe calls for something that I don’t have, I try to come up with a substitute, leave it out or buy only in the quantity I need.

Here are my tips for a neat spice cabinet-

  1. Find out what spices your family uses regularly and buy them from bulk bins as much as you can. Buying spices from bulk bins keep them fresh.
  2. If you don’t have access to bulk bins, you can order spices in bulk from online and store them in your fridge. You can keep a small quantity in a jar in your cabinet and replenish from the fridge as needed.
  3. Keep your spices in glass jars. I use and reuse glass jars from jams etc. You can use canning jars too.
  4. Keep spices away from heat, light and moisture to maintain quality.
  5. Whole spices last longer, I buy whole peppercorns, Cinnamon, clove, cardamom and nutmeg and grind them as needed. A little of these spices go a long way.
  6. I use a mortar and pestle to grind spices.
  7. A frugal tip, a little spice goes a long way, so use them wisely.


I only have a handful of spices that adorn my spice cabinet these days. I love how neat they look and how easy it is to keep them organized.





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