Muslim Mom Style- Gracefully Modest



I like to look graceful and comfortable in my hijab and modest clothes.

My personal clothing style is Gracefully Modest. I focus on looking dressed up in comfortable clothes. I prefer a small, good quality wardrobe so I can get ready in a few minutes.looking modest and dressed up.

I came up with this style after getting tired of clothes that were casual but lacked grace and comfortable but unappealing. The idea of putting on an abaya on top of whatever I was wearing was convenient but not worth the way I looked. I didn’t want to feel like a hurried hijabi mom who didn’t care how she looked. I wanted to be a beautiful hijabi mom.

So how do I define my style, “gracefully modest”?

Modesty– I prefer tailored clothes that fit just right. I do not buy fitted clothes, spaghetti straps and tube tops.I stay away from sheer fabrics, cut outs and lace up dresses or pants. I steer clear from neon colors, too bright colors, and clothes that have designs or embroidery in awkward places. Skinny tops or bottoms are a no and anything that clings to my body. And lastly, I like the length of my dresses, shirt and tops to be closer to my knees or longer.

Comfortable = I don’t buy itchy and questionable fabrics that don’t feel good when I try them on. I prefer clothes that I can throw in the washer and requires minimal to no ironing. I like clothes that I can wear all day.

So what do I wear to look gracefully modest?

Dresses– I mostly wear dresses with pants. I like good quality, well made dresses that are comfortable enough to wear for a long time. I prefer them with long sleeves but occasionally I wear a cardigan with dresses that don’t have sleeves or are not long enough to cover my arms.

Shirts and Blouses– I like comfortable tops that won’t wrinkle easily. I layer them with cardigans or jackets.

Maxi dresses– I rarely wear maxi dresses and prefer them in long sleeves. The length must be right so that they don’t drag.

Abayas– I occasionally wear abayas. I like them in the right size and length so they don’t drag on the ground. I prefer to wear black abayas.

Pants– I wear dark denims, khakis and dress pants with my dresses.

Cardigans– Cardigans are a staple for my wardrobe. I have them in a number of colors and wear them to cover and to layer.

Hijabs– I choose my hijabs carefully since I wouldn’t go anywhere without them. I prefer fewer, better quality hijabs than a lot of poor quality ones. I enjoy wearing them over and over again when the fabric is nice and the color is right.

Jewelry– I like to wear fine jewelry and usually wear a ring or bracelet.

Shoes– I wear flats all year round. I like sandals that have straps on and espadrilles for summer. Occasionally I wear kitten heels.

Make up– My make up includes sun screen, lip color and eye pencil in black.

I like to shop with a purpose and don’t like to waste money on anything that is not right for me in shape, size, color and comfort. I also keep in mind that what looks good on someone else may not work for me.

I am grateful to have a small wardrobe with carefully picked clothes that are right for me. This style works for me as a hijabi mom so I can get ready in a few minuets and look confident and comfortable in my clothes. I feel blessed everyday when I look gracefully modest. Alhamdulillah.

What is your personal style?






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