How to Tell Fewer Lies

In order to tell fewer lies, you must first find out when and where you lie. It can be tricky and you may find yourself in shock and denial when you realize how often lies stain our lives.

Here are some scenarios that may be familiar to you-

Your words– You hand your kid a glass of smoothie, reiterating that it only has strawberry and banana while the smoothie also has spinach and kale.

Your promises– You tell your friend, “I will let you know by the end of today.” You never get back to her.

Your commitments– You say you will arrive at 5:15 pm but show up at 5:23.

Now notice the excuses you may have for the above scenarios.

“He needs vegetables and that’s the “only” way he is getting them.

“I didn’t mean I would let her know by the end of today, like “today”.

“Everyone was late” or ” I knew they wouldn’t start on time”

The above statements are why you keep repeating this self desrtuctive pattern of lying.

You can start becoming more truthful when you choose to be more dear to Allah(swt) through your words and actions. It is a  choice that you must make so you can follow Islam a little more closely.

So how do you start becoming more truthful?

Make intention to be more truthful and ask Allah(swt) to grant you success so you can please Him  with your actions and words.

Consider your prayer is accepted insha Allah and now get ready to take these steps-

Honor your words– Use your words carefully. Be determined to speak truthfully, no compromises. Take a pause before saying something.

Lied inadvertently? Or out of habit? Fix it immediately, rephrase it right away.

Fulfil your promises–  Make genuine efforts to fulfil your promises. Forgetfulness gets to you? Add your promises to your calendar and plan to keep them. If broken promises occur too frequently then may be it’s best to make fewer promises for now and add more as you become better at keeping them.

Keep your commitments– Plan to arrive on time everywhere. Find out how long it takes for you to get ready before you can leave for an appointment. Got kids? Add them to the equation and plan accordingly.

Don’t discriminate when it comes to keeping your commitment. Plan on arriving on time be it at your doctor’s or at your friend Hafsa’s house. Treat all your appointments equally, through the lens of truthfulness, taking necessary efforts to keep them.

“I order you to be truthful, for indeed truthfulness leads to righteousness, and indeed righteousness leads to Paradise.  A man continues to be truthful and strives for truthfulness until he is written as a truthful person with God.  And beware of falsehood, for indeed falsehood leads to sinning, and indeed sinning leads to the Fire.  A man continues to tell lies and strives upon falsehood until he is written as a liar with God.” (Saheeh Muslim)

I hope these steps will be beneficial to all of us to be more truthful insha Allah.


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