How to Stop Using a Microwave


We do not use a microwave in our home. It is convenient to have a microwave around but food cooked or reheated in a microwave may have radiation issues. Microwaves reduce nutrients in food and diminish the quality and taste of food. Food heated in a plastic container can have a toxic amount of BPA or other neurotoxins that are harmful for your health.

We had lived in places where microwaves were installed, but we simply unplugged the appliance and used the microwave a storage unit instead.

So how do you stop using a microwave?

1.Know your objective–  You need to know the “why” behind your decision to stop using microwave. You can learn about how using can affect your health and your reason could be something like this, ” I choose health over convenience”. Take your time to know why you choose to live without a microwave.

This is an important step that will help you get over the times when you will have doubts about your decision to live without a microwave. It will also help with any upheaval that you may face in your family.Your objective will help you to stick to your resolution insha Allah.

You can write your resolve on a piece of paper and stick it on top of your microwave as a reminder.

2. Have a plan– You will need to find alternative options when you have decided not to use a microwave. Look for pots and pans in your kitchen that you can use to heat up your food. Keep these pots and pans handy so you have easy access to them when you want to reheat something.

3. Start small– Start small to avoid feeling overwhelmed, specially if you have always used microwave. Start with reheating a snack using an alternative for microwave, for example you can reheat milk using a pot or, try reheating a wedge of pizza on a pan. These are small victories that will keep you motivated insha Allah.

Once you get the hang of it, add a meal to it, the least stressful meal can be added first and take it from there. Be patient with yourself.

4. What about the “others” in my family– Most of us live with people who are likely to have an issue with your decision to live without a microwave. This is where your reason will come handy. Just start in your own corner, persist and your family member/s will eventually come around insha Allah.

What you can use instead of a microwave

We use-

  1. Stainless steel pots and pans-I use good quality stainless steel pots and pans to cook, reheat and fridge my food. I have them in various sizes.
  2. Corningware stovetop cookware- I use these to warm liquids, like soup or milk.
  3. Conventional oven- I use my oven to reheat food only when we have company. It is rather wasteful to turn on the oven to heat a dish or two.
  4. Toaster- We use our toaster to toast bread, cake, naan, pita, waffles and cookies, basically anything that can hold its shape while being reheated.

You can also use-

1 Toaster Oven- You can use it to reheat anything but make sure you have the counter space for it.

2. Cast iron pots and pans- These are great for pizza, bread, omelets.

3. Crock pot- You can use crock pots to reheat soup, curry, broth and lentil etc.

4. Steamer- Steamers are great to reheat rice, vegetables.

But popcorn? How do I make popcorn?-

Here is how you can make popcorn on stove top-

1. Heat 3 Table spoons of oil in a stock pot on medium heat. I use Canola oil.

2. Add 2/3 kernels to the pot and wait for them to pop.

3. Add the rest of kernel to the pot.

4. Cover the pot with a lid. Reduce heat to low.

4. Your popcorn is ready when you don’t hear any popping sound anymore.

5. Add salt to taste.

Links to know the pitfalls of using a microwave-

Leave a comment if you have any question.


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