The Practice of Mindful Wudu

A fresh mind is so important to add focus to our salah. A mindful prayer calms our anxiety, dissipates our worry and lifts our spirit. We can add focus to our prayer by improving our wudu first.

I wanted to do wudu mindfully, where I would take time for each step of wudu. I wanted to clean my body and clear my mind. I didn’t want to  rush through steps only to wonder at the end, did I rinse my mouth three times?  I wanted to improve my present (wudu) so I could raise the standard of my future (salah).

How to do wudu mindfully-

Make dua before going to the restroom-

Making dua is imperative for a great wudu as it brings your attention to the present. Do you have a hard time remembering the dua before entering the bathroom? Write it on a piece of paper or get a printout and stick it on your bathroom door. Still forgetting to say it? Or you only remember after entering the bathroom? Just step outside right away, say the dua and re- enter the bathroom. Your mind will resist it, it will seem painful and pointless and you will want to implement it the “next time” you forget, but once you step outside and re do it, you will get the hang of it insha Allah. This small step shows your determination and your effort counts twice.

Make intention for wudu

When you make intention for wudu, your mind and body become aware of your actions. Remind yourself how you look forward to your meeting Allah(swt) and you are taking this time to clean yourself to please Him(swt) only.

Be present-

When you start doing wudu, stay with this activity only with your full atttention. Do nothing but this activity. You might think, ” clean the sink”, Spruce up the counter”, “talk with your spouse” but focus on doing just one action- wudu.

Whenever you find yourself in the past with regrets or in the future with worries, just bring yourself back gently to the present with a splash of water.

Do wudu slowly-

Take your time to do wudu so you can pay attention to each step. Notice how the water feels on your hands or face. If you forget a step or can’t remember if you did it or not, avoid the mental debate and just do it peacefully. No step is too small to be rewarded by Alllah(swt).

Be curious-

Do wudu with curiosity, notice how it feels to be present. Perform every step with reverence and notice how you refreshed you feel in the end.

Be patient- 

Treat yourself with kindness and respect. Remember, good things take time and repetition.

Dua for leaving restroom-

Say the dua for leaving restroom as you step outside. You can put a strip of colored paper outside of the bathroom to remind yourself.

I hope these steps will help you accomplish a mindful wudu which will  lead to a mindful prayer insha Allah.


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