Adding Islamic Touch to Your Fireplace Mantel


I love adding the right mix of Islamic accessories to my home. I like to display them everywhere, from sticking a hadith or a dua on my fridge to decorating the fireplace mantel in the living room.

You don’t need to own a house to call it a home. We have always been renting and made wonderful memories in all the places we had lived. So why not decorate it while we are enoying the blessing of having a home?

An Islamic art or two can really enhance a simple fireplace mantel. You can try this simple formula if you want to add Islamic inspiration to your mantel-

  1. Hang an Islamic artwork in the middle of the mantel. My artwork is not quite in the middle because I wanted to hide an outlet that the owners had used for their T.V. You can use a mirror if you don’t have any big artwork.
  2. Anchor one or two large vases, candlesticks or decorative objects on both sides of the Artwork. Use similar shaped objects but vary the height to add character to your mantel. I used two turquoise vases on one side and added a green lantern on the other side.
  3. Overlap items that vary in height and width to make any mantel stand out. I used a yellow wooden sign in front of the artwork. You can frame small Islamic artworks and add that to your mantel.
  4. Use your mantel to display items that reflect you and your family’s interest. The ship in a bottle on top of my mantel was made by one of my kids.
  5. Bring a touch of nature to your mantel. You can add branches, flowers or pine cones, depending on the season. I added Forsythia branches as it reminds me of Spring. The tall branches add character to the mantel space.
  6. I picked turquoise, green and yellow color for the items to decorate my mantel. You can pick your choice of color that reflects the rest of the rooms palette.

You can use your mantel to display Islamic arts and carefully selected items of your choice. You do not need to go to a gallery for an artwork or spend a ton of money to make your mantel stand out. Look around your house for small accessories, signs etc that you can add to your mantel.

You can frame your artwork at any arts & crafts store. I framed mine at Michaels and the price was reasonable. If you don’t have a big artwork, you can turn your small pieces in to a collage and use it as a center piece for you mantel. You can also use smaller accessories to layer or overlap that will add charm to your mantel.

I hope you can use these tips to decorate your mantel to adds a touch of beautiful Islamic art.



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