Grateful on Friday


I thought every Friday I’d post something that I am thankful for and today I am going start with this lavender plant that I have on my kitchen window sill.

I was at Trader Joe’s a few weeks ago and saw two carts full of dried up plants that were about to be discarded. I wanted to buy one of them but ended up getting it for free as they were getting rid of the plants anyways.

I brought it home, added some soil and watered it regularly. I gave it a new home in a red planter that I bought from RAFT a while ago.

The lavender plant is now thriving in my kitchen.

Although my kitchen doesn’t smell like lavender, thanks to the curries and biryanis that I make here but I love my lavender plant none the less.

It makes me happy and grateful, it’s a reminder what we can achieve with a little love and care.

What makes you grateful today?


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