How to Know if You Have Too Much Stuff


We all have stuff. Some of these stuff bring joy and comfort in our lives and some bring frustration and stress.

These stuff mostly includes clothes, books, toys, kitchen utensil, school supplies etc. It varies greatly, depending on our habits and hobbies we carry in our lives.

So how do you know if you have too much stuff?

If you have more clothes than you can regularly wear you have too many clothes.

If you have hijabs that hang or sit in your closet for months, unworn, you have way too many hijabs.

If you have two or more of the same item and you wonder why you have so many of the same item, you have more things than you can keep track of.

If your kids have more toys they can play with, they have too many toys.

If a toy stays in a corner collecting dust, you have too many toys.

If some of your kitchen appliances are on a long wait list for their turn to be used you have more appliances than you need.

If you have boxes upon boxes under your bed or in your garage for years, you have too much stuff.

What is the right number of stuff that I need?

There is no perfect number of stuff for everyone to have. The number depends on our habits and hobbies.

The number of stuff that’s right for you is the number of things that gets used regularly. These things have a proper place in your home and they bring you consistent joy and comfort.

So let’s pare down this Spring, before Ramadan comes insha Allah. You can sell or donate your unused and unwanted items. You can ask your family or friends if they need it.

Once you get rid of the excess stuff, you will create more space in your home and you will have less stress and frustration for not having to worry about too much stuff.

You will be happier for you will have just the right number of things that you enjoy using regularly, getting the most out of these right number of items.






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