Winter Clothes- Sorting and Storing for Next Year


Yesterday I started sorting and storing my winter clothes for next year. We are getting more warmer days in the Bay area lately so I decided it’s about time for Spring clothes to see the daylight.

I store my un-seasonal clothes in a 18 gallon plastic flat lid tote. I bought mine from Target. Each of my family members gets 1 tote to put away their clothes as well.

Our clothes are divided into two seasons, Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. I do keep 1 sweater handy during Summer/Spring and a dress or two during Fall/Winter when we have an out of season sort of day every now and then.

I start with an empty tote, like a clean slate ;). I took out all my Spring/Summer clothes and hung some of them in my closet. The others found their place in the dresser. I use keep some of my clothes on top the tote as well since my closet has no shelves.

As a preparation for sorting and storing winter clothes, I have been doing laundry in batches. Once washed and dried, I checked if any mending needs to be done and then divided the clothes into 3 piles. In the picture above, the top pile is to keep, the middle pile is to give away or re-purpose and the bottom pile is for donation.

I also keep a note if I need to add anything to my winter wardrobe. I think I could add 1 or 2 long sweater. I have been eyeing corduroy pants from Lands End but I have one already. I am happy that I was able to turn my wide legged corduroy pants into slim legged pants. I am pleased with the result, specially since these pants are 10 years old and would qualify for super boot legged pants. I love great quality clothes that last a long time with care.

Once the sorting is done, the winter clothes are ready to be stored for the next winter. When the season rolls in, all I have to do is take them out and enjoy insha Allah.





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