How to Turn Wide Leg Pants into Straight Leg Pants

I prefer straight legs pants and had a pair of khakis that had really wide legs. The hem of the legs were right but the width was not. So here is what I did to turn my wide legged khakis into straight legged khakis. It saved me a trip to the Loft ;).

Here is what you will need-

2 pairs of pants- 1 straight leg pants to be used as a template and 1 wide leg pants to be altered.

A pencil.

Seam ripper.

A pair of scissors.

A sewing machine.

Here is the tutorial-



Turn both pants inside out.

The slim pants that you want to use as a template goes on top of the pants that you want to alter.

Mark with a pencil on where you want them to be tapered. I marked them on both inner seam and outer seam for a better fit.


Before you start sewing, make sure the edge of the pants are directly on top of each other for a better finish.

The picture below is what you want to avoid doing-


When the edges are in the right place, manually put the needle down first to secure the even edge. Now, put the leg down as well.

Start stitching, slowly and carefully.

This is how it looks when the edges as placed and sewn correctly-




Keep an eye on the seam, making sure it’s straight and clear of any folds. You want it to look like the picture on the right. I sewed mine all the way with a fold and had to take out the stitches and re-sew again. You can see the tiny holes in the picture on the right.

Sew on each seam side where you had marked. I sewed on both inner seam and outer seam. I sewed all the way up to mid-thigh but you can go higher or lower.

Trim seam allowances to 1/2″. Finish the raw edges with a zig zag stitch on your sewing machine or use a serger. Pick out thread remnants.

Turn the pants right side out, iron and enjoy your new straight leg pants.

You can use this tutorial to alter any pants, I used the same method to fix my corduroy pants.






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