A Clutter Free and Cleaner Home for Ramadan- Part 1

We are only 4 weeks away from Ramadan and I want to spend more time enjoying benefits of Ramadan and less time clearing clutter and cleaning my home.

“To be is to do” is my latest favorite quote. I want to be calm and stress free during Ramadan so I do need to plan and work accordingly.

We live in a duplet home with 3 bedrooms, a living and dining area and a homeschooling room. My plan is to break down cleaning to daily manageable bits so I feel motivated by the every day accomplishments. The regular dose of  small victories will help me achieve my goal of having an organized and beautiful home by Ramadan insha Allah.

Here is my 4 week plan to clean and organize my home and be totally ready to welcome Ramadan-

Week 1- Clean and organize master Bedroom and closet

Week 2-  Clean and organize kids Bedroom, guest bedroom and closets

Week 3-  Clean and organize living and dining area, homeschooling room

Week 4- Last minute spruce up and decorate for Ramadan

Plan for a clutter free master bedroom-

  1. Go through master bedroom and closet and look for “not useful anymore” items and make bag for donation.
  2. Find and put all items in a bag that needs to be returned to the stores.
  3. Check and organize nightstand drawers and recycle/ discard unwanted papers and other items.

Cleaning plan-

  1. Dust and wipe all flat surfaces- dressers, nightstands, headboard, footboard.
  2. Lint roll lamp shades.
  3. Wipe under bed storage boxes.
  4. Wipe dresser and nightstands.
  5. Remove any spots from the floor. Sweep and vacuum the room and closet.

What I use for cleaning-

  1. Microfiber cloth for dusting and wiping.
  2. Rag, water and dish/castile soap for spot cleaning for furniture and floor.
  3. Lint roller to clean lamp shades.

I plan to do a little bit every day so by the end of the week I have the donation bag and the return bag ready and the bedroom looks nice and clean. It’s easier for me if I add it to my plan for the day. So this week it may look like-

Monday- Go through closet and dresser and put all the unwanted items in a bag to donate. Make another bag for all the items that need to be returned to the stores.

Tuesday- Check and organize nightstand drawers and recycle/ discard unwanted papers.

Wednesday- I plan on doing all clean up in one day, from dusting to vacuuming.

Thursday- Check if anything else is need to be done and have both “return” and “donate” bags ready.

Weekend- Donate and return items.

I look forward to a cleaner bedroom by the end of this weekend. I had already sorted and put away our winter clothes so its one less thing to worry about. I involve my kids to help clean up the house. It is part of their chores and so helpful to keep the house clean. Sometimes we listen to a Bayyinah talk or a Ted talk while cleaning up.

I hope you can join me insha Allah :).


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