A Clutter Free and Clean Home for Ramadan-Part- 2


This is part 2 of my goal of having a clutter free and cleaner home for Ramadan insha Allah.

Alhamdulillah I was able to complete part 1 on Sunday. I ended up doing all of the cleaning on Wednesday as some of us were under the weather until Tuesday and I wanted to take care of them.



I had to re- motivate myself but I felt so relieved after all the cleaning, organizing, donating and returning were completed.

This week my goal is to clean up the kids bedroom, the guest bedroom and the closets of both bedrooms. The kids closet are fairly organized since I put away their winter clothes recently.

Here is my plan for a clutter free guest bedroom, kids bedroom and closets-

Organizing Plan-

1.Go through guest bedroom, kids bedroom, closets and look for “not useful anymore” items and make bag/s for donation

2. Spruce up closets and dressers.

Cleaning plan-

  1. Dust and wipe all flat surfaces- dressers, nightstands, headboard, footboard.
  2. Lint roll lamp shades.
  3. Remove any spots from the floor. Sweep and vacuum both rooms and closets.

What I use for cleaning-

I like to keep things simple and earth friendly as much as I can so here is what use for cleaning-

  1. Microfiber cloth for dusting and wiping.
  2. Rag, water and dish/castile soap for spot cleaning for furniture and floor.
  3. A lint roller to clean lamp shades.

I plan to do a little bit every day of the week so that by the end of the week I have both rooms organized and clean and donation bag/s are ready.

It works better for me if I add it to my plan for each day of this week.

Here is my plan-

Monday- Go through guest closet and dresser and put all the unwanted items in a bag to donate. Spruce up closets and dresser.

Tuesday- Dust all furniture for guest bedroom, sweep, and vacuum.

Wednesday-  Dust all furniture for kids bedroom, sweep, and vacuum.

Thursday- Check if anything else is need to be done and have bags ready for donation.

Weekend- Donate bags.

Alhamdulillah my kids help regularly to keep the house clean. Dusting and vacuuming is part of their daily chore. So this goal of getting the house ready for Ramadan is a family endeavor and I appreciate their help.

Last week I listened to Sura Baqara while cleaning. I plan to listen to a Bayyinah tafseer this week insha Allah.

I hope you can join me in my goal to have a clutter free and cleaner home before Ramadan. Take small steps and add it to your daily and weekly plan so you can make it happen. Keep the steps small and manageable to turn your dream into a reality insha Allah. Do you best to get your home ready for Ramadan. Even its cleaning only 1 corner of a room. Every effort counts and I hope you are rewarded for your efforts insha Allah.


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