How to Display Kids Art Work in Your Home



If you have kids over 2.5 years then you must have accrued quite a number of art work of all types, from paper to play-dough. I have two kids and we love doing all kinds of arts and crafts.

Between my ETSY shop and our passion for crafts, we have lots of artwork and crafts. Some are finished and some are (long) work in progress. But we live in the bay area and our home doesn’t have a basement where things can be ” out of sight, out of mind” ;).

Clutter is such a deterrent for creativity. You might end up focusing more on the post craft mess  than enjoying the calm of making something amazing. So we try to be organized to enjoy the privilege of creating things.

Here is how we display kids artworks in our home

I like to display them on the fireplace mantel. If you look closely at the picture above you will see a ship in bottle on top of the mantel.

A creative way to display paper artworks them is to hang them on a twine with clothespins. Here, the hudhud birds work as finials here.


I use a picture frame to showcase delicate projects like lace work. It also works well for big art projects or fine crochet works as well,


I use a wooden hoop for displaying sewing projects.


The top of a small bookshelf keeps the clay and sculpey creations.


A finished jigsaw puzzle gets framed too.


And lastly, I have all their artworks bound, my favorite way to turn kids artworks into keepsakes. We bind it ourselves at RAFT at the end of year. Each kid gets her own book.


I hope you can benefit from some of the ideas that I shared here insha Allah. Kids artworks that are displayed nicely add a lovely touch to any home.

You don’t have to all of them at the same time. Take one small project at a time and enjoy the beautiful result insha Allah.


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