The Blessings of an Imperfect Life



I have done may share of chasing perfection in my life. It had included myself to be perfect in all kinds of roles in life. Being a perfectionist means yearning for a life that’s only filled with opportunities withot any challenges. Shadowing a perfect life creates anxiety from pursuing the impossible, it brings chaos in relationships with your loved ones, it leads to disappointments in self and others and pelts life with discontentment. The worst part is that you spend so much time wishing things were different that you don’t enjoy the blessing that you were given already. You lose time that you won’t get back and the ideals that you are after wooldn’t matter much later, filling you with regret.

I wouldn’t enjoy happiness if I hadn’t known sorrow. I couldn’t appreciate opportunities if I didn’t come across challenges. It would be an insipid life if it were devoid of mistakes, setbacks, faults and challenges.

Alhamdulillah, Allah(swt) infinite mercy doesn’t hand you anything that doesn’t have a blessing in it-

Accepting imperfections make you stronger-

So much time get wasted from chasing perfection- trying to hide or deny faults or being ashamed by them. Accepting imperfection is liberating, you are not bullied by your “faults” anymore. Once you are aware and accepting of them, You have more time than ever to work on them.  Who you are is not in your way of who you can become.

Problems can help you relate to people-

Have you ever talked to someone and thought,”I know exactly how you feel”? It’s sharing  the life stories of our imperfect life that elicits compassion. You understand people better when you had faced a problem in your life and learned from it. The lesson can come from a health concern, loss of a relationship or a loved one, or any undesirable event where you can offer advice and support to others. People will open up to you because they know you can relate to them.

Making mistakes makes you humble-

Imagine how arrogant we would be if we didn’t make any mistakes? We wouldn’t try anything new if we knew we would be perfect the first time every time, no matter what we try. Making mistakes gives you a chance to prove and improve yourself in your pursuit of excellence. You also learn to be in touch with your ego and how to keep it in check.

Setbacks make you resilient- 

“Pain is inevitable, misery is optional” is a favorite quote of mine. We all have setbacks in our lives from time to time that give us a chance to practice resilience. It increases your ability to endure unforeseen events and come out stronger. Setbacks can be an impetus for many a positive changes in your life.

Problems can lead to triumph-

Problems can help you understand yourself better. Yes it hurts, and you are in so much pain after confronting an unfortunate event. But, it can also help you to set boundaries so you can heal better and become a stronger person. A setback in relationships can help you reassess your relationship with others and straighten your priorities. It allows you to make necessary changes and appreciate the people who truly care for you.

Accepting shortcomings brings you closer to Allah(swt)-

Understanding and accepting your mistakes brings you closer to Allah(swt). You learn about your challenges and know exactly what to ask for when you’re making duaa to Allah(swt).You also get to ask for forgiveness and make a stronger connection with Allah(swt).

Setbacks help you to be more and happy-

Any loss in life reminds you how transitory everything is and you learn to appreciate them more while these things are still present in your life. Once you come across a loss, you learn to be grateful for all the other things that you can still enjoy.



I don’t trail behind perfection anymore as it’s only mirage. I would rather have flaws and challenges and learn to bloom where I am planted. So, I choose excellence instead of perfection. Loving an imperfect life gives me opportunities to improve life for myself and others. I can enjoy simple blessings in life, find endless opportunities in challenges and I am more grateful than ever alhamdulillah.




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