Making Your Own Ramadan Traditions


The two Eids are the most celebrated days in our home. We look forward all year to Eid Al Fitr and Eid Al Adha. We plan for these holidays ahead of time and prepare lovingly that allows us to enjoy the blessed Ramadan the beloved Eids without stress.

We have come up with our own Ramadan and Eid traditions over the years. These traditions make great memories while instilling Islamic values in the kids. We have been mindful about selecting tradition and our criterion are-

  1. Mindful spending- We have a budget for Eid celebrations and we like to stick to it. This mindful spending habit allows us to share the blessings with many others, alhamdulillah. We buy gifts throughout the year to eschew shopping  during Ramadan and to avoid paying full price for something or ditch any last-minute shipping charges. It also helps us  to steer clear from impulse shopping.We exchange two kinds of gifts, hand-made presents and gifts purchased from stores. Each kid make a list of gifts that they would like to receive for Eid. We give them a few things from their lists and some other presents that we think they would love to have.
  2. Environment friendly– We do not like to waste things and try to reuse decorations as much as we can, like string lights, banners, paper flowers etc. We try to avoid using items that come with a lot of plastic packaging, and try not to use disposable items and single use items. We use fabric pieces to wrap presents and use reusable bags instead of disposable gift bags.
  3. Related to Islam– We like to have traditions that are related to Islam. We try to be careful so we don’t mimic traditions that belong to another faith.
  4. Simple and enjoyable for all– I love activities that are simple and can be enjoyed by most of the family members. It could be making handmade decorations or watching the Omar series together. We also love to listen to different scholars as a family, like listening to the Stories of Prophets Wives (ra) from Bayyinah by Omar Suleiman. I don’t want to do something just because it’s trending or made it to a Pinterest board.


Here are some of our traditions-

1.Plan together as a family and share ideas for a blessed Ramadan.

2. Make decorations to decorate the house. Put on string lights, hang paper wall flowers and banners. We make seasonal decoration using mixed media.

3. Make eid gift lists.

4. Spend time together- listening to a talk by different scholars. Sometimes we do a craft while listening to a tafseer or Quran recitation.

5. Make dua lists.

6. Make handmade gifts and greeting cards for each other. Give gifts to friends.


7. Go to taraweeh together.

8. Make an Eid cake.

8. Exchange gifts after coming back from Eid prayer. Have people over to share an Eid meal join a friend to enjoy Eid together.

9. Dress up and go to Eid prayer as a family.


I want to celebrate Ramadan and Eid in beauty and bliss. I want my kids to look forward to Ramadan and Eid and try my best to make it memorable. They are part of the planning so they feel like they have a role to play in it.

We can celebrate in many ways since Eid is not tied to any particular season. You can celebrate in a variety of colors in different seasons that represent your family values.

I hope you enjoy your very own traditions with your family.









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