12 Effective Ways to Get Out of a Funk


We all experience one of those days when you feel like you’re not quite yourself. You feel funky and want to get out of the uncomfortable feelings. You don’t care to share it with anyone but you want someone to help you to get out of the funk.

You look around and think you have so much to be grateful for but you just don’t feel like it! And then you feel guilty on top of it for not feeling grateful. It’s quite a quagmire subhanAllah.

So what to do you do when you’re having one of those days?

Know your funk pattern

You need to know what you do when you feel out of sorts. Do you check Facebook more often than usual? Reach out to foods for comfort? Snap at people? Ruminate on past? Blame others? Become nostalgic? You want to know your pattern so you know you are having one of those days. And you know that this is not your true self and can distant yourself from your funky feelings. This knowledge is what makes you aware of this issue and helps you to handle it in an effective way. This awareness minimizes the pain and reduces the time that you spend in discomfort.

Make a plan

Think about what you can do instead of what you used to do before you knew about your funk pattern. Make a list of activities that you could do instead, like doing meditation, talking to a friend, organizing your closet, cleaning your kitchen etc. Add a variety of things to keep the list interesting.

Once you make a list, put it up where you can see it. You can stick it on your fridge or on top of your desk.

Follow the list-

Motivate yourself to do the tasks that you have put on your list. Be kind to yourself and feel proud for your efforts. Don’t burden yourself with unwanted thoughts like ” what’s the use” or  worry about the outcome. Bring your focus on the present and keep doing it slowly and steadily. Reward yourself with short breaks and celebrate small victories.

Keep and Maintain your daily routine-

Stick to your daily routine as much as you can. Make a daily routine if you don’t have one already. Practicing habits on a good day helps a lot to get out of any funk on a challenging day. If you do Yoga on every Friday and you hit the dumps on Thursday, plan to go to the Yoga class anyways. Specially, if you think you won’t benefit much from it today. The focus is on your efforts to make it there, not doing Ashtanga poses with perfection.

Look nice and presentable-

Don’t stay in your pjs or abayas because you don’t feel like changing it. You want to empower your “being”, not “feeling”. So, put on something nice so you look nice. Take a shower and put on some perfume to uplift your spirit. This great effort means that you care for yourself, a kind message we all need to hear from ourselves every now and then.

Eat and drink well-

It is imperative to keep yourself well nourished and stay hydrated. So eat good, unprocessed food before you are hungry and drink plenty of clean water before you are thirsty. A mindful diet will help you clear your mind and keep your body energetic. It will also help you calm down and have a restful sleep.

Take breaks and rest-

Take intentional breaks before you’re too tired. You can do a short, 5 minute meditation every few hours or a longer one after a salah. Bring your focus to your breath every time your mind becomes errant.

Take pause before speaking-

it’s important to speak extra carefully when you’re not at your best. These words include what you say to others and what you say to yourself. Ignore any inner tape that doesn’t life your spirit. Quit all negative dialogue and postpone any urge to speak on impulse. Choose to control your words now to prevent regrets and damages on your relationships later. Just tell yourself ” I will address this later”.

Compile a grateful list-

This is a surefire way to get you out of any fun insha Allah. Don’t find anything to be grateful for? Just get yourself a piece of paper and a paper and start jotting down all the things you see around you- starting with the very pen and paper you are using to write. Don’t stop until you have written at least 15 things.

Want more challenge in gratefulness? Come up with 3 blessings every day that you have never thanked Allah(swt) for. Have you ever thanked Allah(swt) for the blessing of soft prayer rugs?

Make sincere prayers-

Take your time and make sincere prayers. You can make duaa at random times or make dua at a specific time, like after salah. Whenever you make it, plan to make it special. Select your words carefully. You may feel angry and disappointed, you may think you have done it many times and didn’t work the way you’d desired but just do it one more time anyways. It’s soothing to know that there is One who knows exactly where it hurts and can heal them too.

Remember, prayers are like placing passwords. Sometimes, it takes more than a few times to get it right. And the number of your efforts only shows your tenacity to find a solution for your pain. It shows how important it is to you to resolve it. So focus on the quality of your prayer and not the quantity of it. And know that Allah(swt) is near and responsive.

Be at peace with making dua, be comfortable with making connection to Allah(swt). Believe that your duaas have been accepted already. Now let go of any deadline for your prayers and be open with the manifestations of your duas.

I hope these reminders help you to get out of your funk insha Allah. Remember, these funks are like the weather. We work around the weather and do our very best to keep moving towards our goals and dreams. Keep your focus on yourself, your true self is like the climate. Develop good habits to improve your climate so you can endure, even thrive when you’re having unusual weather insha Allah.

And know that I am here for you insha Allah.


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