How to Find Time to Read the Books that are on Your Nightstand


It seems to be a challenge to find time to read books as a mom. There is so much to take care of throughout the day that you barely find time to read any one of the wonderful books out there. And by the time you have some time after everyone went to bed, you’re too tired and rather sleep than read.

I love to read books and a lot of books find their way on my nightstand since we live only minutes away from a fabulous library. I know I won’t be able to finish reading a single book if I wait for my life to lend me some spare minutes. So I make time for the things I love doing, even it’s only for a short time everyday-

Select Books Carefully-

I select books that I would benefit from and can use the knowledge and wisdom in life, for myself and others. There are millions of books out there and choosing the right book is important. I used to be an impulsive reader, reading books that didn’t complement my values and nature and cluttered my mind with irrelevant information. Now I’m mindful about selecting books that would be beneficial and enjoyable.

Make a Realistic Plan to Read-

Make a plan that suits your lifestyle. You want to make a plan that is realistic and works for you. Like me, you can divide the number of pages of a book with the number of days you would like to complete reading it. It worked for me and I read between 10-12 pages per day, resisting the temptation to read more and read fast. I try to be careful to avoid cramping my brain and my body so that reading brings pleasure not pain!

Stick to Your Plan-

Finding time to stick to your plan can be a challenge in the beginning but you will love the results once the habit kicks in. I read my allotted pages whenever I find time. I try not to let life’s happening get in the way of my reading plans. I like to read in an un-hurried way and avoid reading when I am too tired.

I like to read physical books than e readers. I limit my time that I can spend on the computer on various websites/blogs/social meadia so I have more time for my books that are waiting on nightstand. I have books in my car so I can catch up on reading while waiting in my car. These are spare minutes that I learned to use for my reading habit. I also listen to audio tapes and have the kids read to me.

So that’s what I do so I can read the books that I want to read. It may seem rather dry and unromantic to make plans for reading. But waiting for the opportune time that would magically happen so you could relish a great book is romantic but not realistic. I can read a lot more books than I used to be able to read now alhamdulillah.




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