11 Ways to be Charitable on a Tight Budget


Being charitable is a great way to please Allah(swt). You want to give for the sake of Allah(swt) specially when Ramadan is approaching fast.

You can donate money to your favorite organizations as sadaqa but what do you do when you are barely scraping by? Here are a few ways to give when you’re tight on money-

Volunteer your time-

You can volunteer your time when you’re living on a shoestring. You can volunteer in your local soup kitchen, Habitat for Humanity, food bank, library, and other non-profit organizations. These organizations always welcome and appreciate extra help. And don’t forget your local masajid, specially during Ramadan.

Teach a skill-

You can teach a skill that you have been blessed with alhamdulillah. Charitable organizations can always use assistance in professional services, from legal work to editing. We all have some kind of skill that a non-profit organization could benefit from.

You can also teach a skill that you learned through practice and experience, like sewing a garment, or making an ethnic dish like biriani or shish kebab.

Teach a language-

You can volunteer to help others to learn a language. Some libraries offer ESL programs for free and they need volunteers to teach.

Give with your presence-

You can give a great deal by showing support for other people. You can show up at an event that’s important for someone. Your presence means you care for them and you give them a gift of “feeling loved” just with your presence.

Gift of listening-

We all want to talk to someone when we are faced with challenges in our lives. You can lend a listening ear when someone is struggling and ease his pain. You don’t have to be a professional counselor or say something wise to make him feel better.

Give with your words-

Are you good at comforting? How about giving tips on saving money? You can give so much with your words subhanAllah! Just think what you can give with your words and you will find so many ways to give insha Allah. It could be a loving text or a wonderful advice that someone will always cherish.

Recently I received a kind text on Mother’s day that was so thoughtful and oh so appreciated.

Teach Tajweed lessons-

What can be a better gift than the gift of giving someone the skill of reading Quran correctly? This will be a sadaqa jariya for you insha Allah.

Gifts from your closet-

You can always find something in your closet that doesn’t fit you or appeal to you anymore. These items can always benefit someone else. Just make sure they are clean and in great shape so they can be enjoyed by others.

Make a meal-

You can make a meal and take it to others or have someone over and share a meal. It doesn’t have to anything extravagant: a simple meal served with love brings so much joy alhamdulillah.

Crafty gifts-  

Do you love to do arts and crafts? You can send handmade cards to friends to encourage, congratulate or sympathize. If you are a deft knitter you can whip up hats for newborn babies or tiny sweaters for penguins for Knits for Nature programme.


Random acts of kindness-

I love random acts of kindness. I love to do them and receive them all the time alhamdulillah, from kind comments to unexpected gifts. The sky is the limit when it comes to doing random acts of kindness, from smiling to doing something super special for someone- just so you can please Allah(swt).

Recently I went to a specialty chocolate store and an associate was very helpful. I asked her which chocolates were her favorite and bought her one of her favorite chocolates along with the ones that I purchased for my kids.

All we can do is to give for the sake of Allah(swt) and no gift is too small to earn His pleasure insha Allah.


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