6 Eid Gift Ideas for Kids

Eid al Fitr and Eid al Adha are the two days that are most celebrated in our home. We prepare for months for both days- from cleaning and organizing to decorating our home. We have called many rentals our homes over the years where the tradition remained the same alhamdulillah.

Gift giving is one of our traditions for Eid celebration. It becomes all the more special since we don’t celebrate birthdays and practice mindful purchases throughout the year. We make handmade gifts and give gifts from stores as well. The kids make a list of items that they would like to receive for Eid. We get some of the items from their lists as well as some things that we think they will love to have as gifts.

What kind of gifts do we give?

Experience Gifts– We like to give gifts that they can experience and enjoy. It can include a membership for their favorite museum, a visit to a restaurant or specialty ice cream shop, a number of lesson for a sport, or classes to learn something, for example, sewing or photography classes. We have subscribed for animaljam.com, creativebug.com and Bayyinah Tv in the past and liked it. The gift can be for your kids alone or it can be something you can enjoy together as a family.

Hobby gifts– These are gifts that include things that the kids like to do already or would like to pursue a new hobby. This gift includes supplies and project ideas. It varies from child to child  and their interest. This gift can be a set of pencils for sketching or a box of clay for sculpting. We have tried needle felting kits, sewing kits, needle crafting kits, hook rug supplies, water color pencils, fairy doll making supplies, calligraphy kits and yarns for knitting, crocheting etc. We love Klutz books as a starter hobby gifts, they cover a variety of interests, from quilling to sculpting. These books include all the necessary supplies.

The characters that we have made from the movie Sing using Sculpey-


Toys– We love well made, great quality toys that can be enjoyed over a period of time. We steer clear from poor quality toys that wastes money and resources, fad toys that loses it’s luster fast and ends up in the landfill or buying too many toys irrespective of the price tag. Some of our favorites are Lego, building blocks, puzzles, American Girls dolls and Calico Critters.


Books– Books are an integral part of our gift giving. I purchase books from everywhere, from brick and mortar stores to online. I love to buy old books as the age add charm to these books. Amazon.com, Half.com and Ebay are my favorites to find great treasures online. I also found great books at used book stores, consignment shops and at book sales.


Handmade gifts– We make handmade gifts for each other, making things like wind chime, kitchen towel, pot holder, outfits etc. Sometimes we work throughout the year to work on a project, other times it’s a matter of days from start to finish. Eid cards are always handmade.



Miscellanious– This category includes items like hijabs, jewelry, clothing items, food etc.

These are our favorites for Eid gifts this year-

Sewing class- This gift includes a number of classes at a local fabric and quilting shop and the supplies that’s needed for this class. I requested for a supply list ahead of time to take advantage of Jo Ann’s Memorial Day sale to purchase supplies.

Salon time- This experience gift is priceless as you get to spend time with your kid/s doing something fun. This time is short lived as they tend to grow and won’t find playing salon attractive for long.  This year we will be experimenting more with braids and other hair dos. Our arsenal includes Klutz books, bobby pins, fancy clips and hair ties. We are looking into hair curlers lately. Caveat, you will lose hair.

Felting and sewing kits- Both of these books are by Klutz.


Books- I have got The Little Princess, The Little Women, James Thurber- 92 stories, 365 Days with the Prophet(sa) for gifts this year. I may add a few more paperbacks that I have collected over the year.


Toys- We are not getting any toys this years.

Miscellanious- I bought some jewelry from Fossil and Kohl’s. I also bought shoes for the kids as both had requested for them. The shoes that I had purchased are from Converse and Lands End. Hijabs are must haves, obviously ;).




I shop for Eid gifts throughout the year and keep them in a box in my closet. I get a lot more time to shop for the gifts over the year and it helps me to avoid paying full price for something at the last minute.

We use reusable bags for gift giving and use fabric pieces to wrap presents to reduce our carbon footprints. We open and exchange our Eid gifts after we come back from Eid prayer.

It’s a privilege to be able to buy Eid gifts for our kids and so much fun to watch as their interests evolve over the years. Alhamdulillah for the blessing of gift giving that leads to contentment.








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