Ramadan Reflections and a Simple Eid


Alhamdulillah for a an amazing Ramadan and a blessed Eid. I had 3 goals for last Ramadan and I’m grateful that they worked out well for me-

Fast intentionally– I wanted to fast intentionally. I didn’t want a fasting day to end and find myself wondering where the hours went. I wanted a mindful Ramadan, a complaint and backbiting free Ramadan. Fasting without complain was easy but fasting without backbiting was a little challenging. Specially when you’re at the receiving end and venting a.k.a backbiting seems to be just the remedy (?) to assuage your anguish. I did come close to it but then decided to postpone (!)it until the Ramadan ends. Alhamdulillah the urge to purge didn’t come back ;).

we divided our time between reading, making handmade Eid gifts, listening to Bayyinah’s Mothers of the Believers by Sh. Omar Suleiman and watching nature documentaries. Involving my kids in making iftar worked well as they learned to make a few things like how to make a  strawberry lemonade and how to make zucchini fritters.


Pray Tahajjud regularly– This habit took a few days before I started doing it consistently. The timing was not working well in the beginning but once I started praying right before suhr, a habit started forming and I was praying 4 raka’s pretty consistently since then alhamdulillah.

Make duaas consistently for 30 days- I did have a dua list but I wanted more than that so I started reading the duaas from The Accepted Whisper. I love this book of prayers- the duaas are divided in to seven sections, each section dedicated to 1 day of the week and it makes dua making so much easier. The duaas are beautifully articulated in English and Arabic. I read it whenever I found some time and even memorized 2 duaas that I hadn’t planned on doing.

I found 2 things that I would like to improve for next Ramadan. They are-

Recite more Quran– I need to work on reciting Quran more frequently during Ramadan. I recited twice a week but I wanted to add more days to it. So my plan is to develop a habit of reciting  Quran more frequently before next Ramadan rolls in. I’m yet to decide on the days/times that I can do the reciting. I need to find the dates/times that would work for me and stick to it. I might start with 3 times a week- 2 weekdays and 1 weekend and see how it goes for 21 days insha Allah.

Pray Taraweeh– I want to start praying Taraweeh regularly from next Ramadan. I prayed only twice this year. I stayed home with the kids, doing different activities with them and working on my ETSY orders while listening to Bayyinah talks. I need to plan better next year and start small but consistent Taraweeh prayer insha Allah.

One thing that I loved (and still love) doing was to do dhikr. I came across this quote somewhere “…keep your tongue moist with continuous dhikr…” and it stuck to me. The benefits of dhikr are amazing subhanAllah. I feel like Allah(swt) opened many doors of blessings for me alhamdulillah.

And before you know it Eid was there. This year my goal was to go zero waste with gift wraps and bags so I used simple canvas bags as gift bags.


We exchanged gifts after Eid prayer and really loved the handmade gifts that I have received this year- a pin cushion for my hijab pins and a wind chime made with beads. I love beautiful things that have a purpose-


I hope you had a wonderful Ramadan and a blessed Eid as well.


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