Look Your Modest Best- How to Shop for Modest Clothes



Do you feel stressed out thinking about organizing your closet? Do you go to your closet and find nothing to wear? Or you take a long time to find something that doesn’t bring out the best in you? This post is for you if you have been feeling frustrated over your mommy wardrobe.

We all have items in our closet that have no purpose and just take up space. These clothes don’t bring us joy, don’t look good on us and create clutter in the closet. We cringe when we look at them but feel guilty over the money spent on them. So either we put them in a box and send them to the basement or throw them in a bag and send them to Goodwill.

I have learned from the mistakes that I had made from shopping for my clothes over the years. I have learned to simplify my closet for and now it takes less than 10 minutes for me to get ready and look great. As a muslim mom it matters how I look and what I wear. So I try my best to look gracefully modest.

These are my tips to shop wisely for clothes that will help you to look your modest best insha Allah. These tips will help you to-

Look gracefully modest

Get ready faster

Find great quality clothes

Minimize clutter

Save money, energy and time

Here are the tips to make your modest shopping simple-

Find a purpose

Find out what the purpose is for your shopping. Dig deeper if you come up with something like “I want it”,”It looked good on Susan”or “everyone wears it lately”. Shopping to make you feel better is not a purpose either. You want something more meaningful than that, you want to find your purpose for shopping. For example, I needed at least 2 long, heavy sweater for up coming winter. I have been wearing my current ones for almost 7 years now and they have started to fade and fray. So my shopping purpose was to find winter clothes that are durable and beautiful, something that would keep me warm during winter.

So, go through your closet and take an inventory for items that you need. Be mindful though, as you don’t need a fifth pair of jeans.

Know your right clothes-

Every body is different so it’s important to know what clothes are right just for you. So, invest time to get to know yourself a little better to shop for your unique style. This knowledge will keep you focused when you shop and save you time and money from experimenting on things that may not work for you.

A few things to keep in mind to find your right clothes are- type of fabric, color, patterns, length etc. What looks good on someone else may not look good on you. So look for clothes that compliment your body shape. You can enlist the help of joyofclothes.com to help you determine your body type- http://www.joyofclothes.com/style-me

Find shops that work for you-

Now you can look for retailers who make clothes that compliment you since you know your body shape and the clothes that are right for your body shape. Every single retailer has their idealized customer so it’s important to know which one/s work for you. Forever 21 may work for someone but Boden for another. Look for retailers who make clothes that look great on you, clothes that are durable and beautiful. I like clothes from Landsend, Eddie Bauer, Boden, Ann Taylor, Talbot, Charter Club, INC and JM from Macy’s, Coldwater Creek, and Merona from Target.

Choose quality over quantity-

Always choose quality before quantity. Cheap clothes are usually poorly made and don’t last long. So you end up buying more clothes over the years. On the other hand, great quality clothes last for a long time, you look consistently beautiful in them and they hold up well  in the washer/dryer- making life easier for you.

Buy it for the right reasons-

Only buy an item if it is for the right reasons. Don’t buy if the trend doesn’t suit you or your sister looks great in it. Buy it if the quality, pattern, color and length works out for you. And don’t let the cheapness of something lure you into getting it as you’re likely to regret it later.

Remember, it’s better to have fewer items that are of great quality than to have a lot of items that are inferior quality.

A word on price-

Good quality clothes usually cost more than cheap and poorly made clothes. But the clothes pay off as you wear them over the years. They don’t wear out or fade/fray easily. You can save money when you shop on sale days, use discounts/coupons and from clearance racks.. Out of season clothes cost less and keeps you prepared for the upcoming season. I found 2 sweater from Eddie Bauer that other day that was on sale for $10 each. The Original price was $100 each. I didn’t buy more than 2 sweaters though as then I would be buying becasue of cheapness and not becasue I needed them. So I passed colors and patterns that wouldn’t work for me and stuck to what I know looks good on me.


A few extra tips-

Patience works wonders when it comes to finding great quality clothes at a good price.

You want to look geacefully so refrain from buying clothes that do not serve this purpose. Sweat pants are comfortable but do not look graceful and nor do abayas that drag on the ground or has embroidery on the wrong parts.

Try to avoid in a situation where you need an item of clothing right away. You can build your closet slowly to avoid this kind of situation.

Knowing how to do basic mending and alteration can be a life (and money) saver.

And don’t forget your reusable bag. What can be better than looking gracefully modest and being environment friendly?


I hope you find these tips useful for your shopping trips. Feel free to share if you have any additional beneficial ideas.


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