Go Finish Those Nagging Tasks


Recently I started crossing off a few nagging tasks a few times every week. These are tasks that don’t take up much time to do but for some reason you just can’t seem to find enough time to get started with them, let alone finish them.

These tasks are not urgent enough to be done immediately but important enough to drain our mental energy until completed. So they stay on our radar and keep nagging us.

Here are a few things that I finished this week-

  1. I cleaned up the bookshelves and donated some books.
  2. I spruced up a cabinet that holds craft supplies for my ETSY shop. I was pretty busy with orders from Ramadan and Eid and the shelves look rather disorderly.
  3. I made a list for all the items that I need to buy for homeschooling ( 1 ruler and a few notebooks)
  4. I returned a dress that didn’t work for me.
  5. I came up with a more efficient way to plan my days, weeks and months. I resisted the urge to buy another white board and decided to work with what I have already.

These tasks don’t give you the feeling of an achievement if done alone. But once you make time for them and cross of a few at a time you feel really about your accomplishment. Your life becomes much easier and best of all, they are not on your radar anymore.

So go finish those nagging tasks, organize the kitchen drawer, clean the lampshades and add some fresh flower to your vase.

You will be glad that you did it.


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