3 Hijab Fixing Hacks You Must Know


All hijabis are familiar with the good days and bad days with hijab. And no, I am not talking about super hot days with a side of humidity. That’s for another day. I want to share the real hijab issues that can be solved in minutes. So, here are my to go quick fixes for taking care of my hijabs so I can enjoy them longer-


I bought this beautiful neutral color Turkish hijab that I have been wearing for at least 5 days a week for the last 6 months. It is a  light material in a satin finish which makes it irresistable for summer. This is my  go to hijab during long, hot days that I enjoy wearing a lot. But it started pilling recently from all the regular wearing. It was a double whammy since I bought two of them as I bought them at a great price . The piling was pretty bad and don’t look graceful at all.

So I broke out a razor and shaved my hijab. I have shaved my clothes before with great success. But I wasn’t so sure about shaving a hijab since it’s a delicate fabric. But I was pleasantly surprised with the result and have been enjoying my pill free hijab ever since.

All you have to do is lay your hijab on a flat, smooth surface and shave the area where the pilling has occurred. Shave carefully and avoid bunched up fabric. And voila, you have a pill free, great looking hijab.

Before shaving picture-


After shaving picture-



I was having a honey sandwich recently and found out that my hijab had enjoyed some of the sweetness of the honey as well. I take good care of my hijabs and try to avoid washing them as much as possible. Washing is hard on the hijabs as the fabrics are usually delicate, plus it saves time. But I couldn’t avoid it this time. I use liquid dish-washing detergent for food related stains on my clothes and it worked like a charm this time as well. I only washed the stained and the surrounding area and hung dry.

Before stain treatment picture-


After stain treatment picture-



Snags can ruin your hijabs, specially the soft cotton blend ones which are a breeze to wear in summer.  The best way to fix a snag is to use a hijab pin or needle to move the threads back into it’s place. Use your fingertip to smooth out the fabric and it’s good as new.

Before fixing the snag-


After fixing the snag-



I hope you benefit from these quick hijab fixing hacks. These fixes take up little time so you can keep calm and carry on your with your hijab with looking beautiful  insha Allah.



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